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Executive Producer

what I do

who I am

I was a writer before I could make words—before learning to spell or type, before booting up my first computer. Luckily all of these things happened, or I would have been forced onto the spoken poetry circuit to spout the ever colorful tales unfolding inside my head. 

why I do it

I used to spend a lot of time waiting for calls and hoping to be discovered. Then I started blogging and quickly found that controlling my own daily narrative had put me squarely in charge of my own destiny. Not only chief storyteller, but also director of marketing and distribution of my own personal brand, I interact with a loyal following who not only share my dream, but also find a way into their own. 

I sold magazine articles while still in college and published my first book by the age of thirty. I made a very good living seeing the world and writing about it—until hearing a great comedic actor voicing my dialogue for a morning cartoon (Dabney Coleman, "Recess") brought me to tears. For some reason, I wanted this to keep happening. Having developed across nearly every entertainment platform, I only recently realized my 20-year dream to bring a studio feature to the screen.

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