what I do

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I sold magazine articles while still in college and published my first book by the age of thirty. I made a very good living seeing the world and writing about it—until hearing a great comedic actor voicing my dialogue for a morning cartoon (Dabney Coleman, "Recess") brought me to tears. For some reason, I wanted this to keep happening. Having developed across nearly every entertainment platform, I only recently realized my 20-year dream to bring a studio feature to the screen.

why I do it

I was a writer before I could make words—before learning to spell or type, before booting up my first computer. Luckily all of these things happened, or I would have been forced onto the spoken poetry circuit to spout the ever colorful tales unfolding inside my head. 

Finely crafted Stories   Across multiple entertainment platforms

I used to spend a lot of time waiting for calls and hoping to be discovered. Then I started blogging and quickly realized that growing my own engagement would be just as critical as the content itself. Navigating emerging media across a complex network of distribution platforms challenged that little girl with a big story to develop strategic, global communications skills to make sure you'd get to hear it.

who I am