Determined to fulfill a longheld dream, I jettisoned a successful career in journalism to start at the bottom of the heap as a Hollywood screenwriter.

As I engaged with a growing blog following who cheered my steep uphill climb through the trenches, a much more expansive story than the one I'd first pictured began to write itself.

Today, my voice resonates across most every platform and format imaginable and as yet to be imagined.

Bitty BTS

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Melody's movieseducational

digital and social campaigns welcome a diverse new lineup of character content. (Property of Mattel) 

Inter-mixing  online and digital play, experiential events and a live fan engagement, Lea's year-long adventure resolves on the big screen! (Property of Mattel)

digital event kit, and interactive in-store experience helped launch this new content-rich "kindness and friendship" line. (Property of Mattel)


mfa film, television & digital media 


Capitalizing on intense social media fandom, this stop motion web series draws 3 million-plus views, a books series, an Amazon special and doll. (Property of Mattel)

​​​cross-channel promotions

digital events & activities

that's My STory...




cable network WEB PORTAL

iconic character franchises

Innovative on-line character content extends Disney properties into the homecross-driving to on-air and studio launches. (Property of The Walt Disney Co./TWDC)

Reviving two popular novelized heroines on screen, this $200K, off-platform UGC digital shorts initiative netted 15MM+ YouTube hits. (Property of Mattel)

...and i'm

sticking to it. 

This BTS video kicks off a digital album,, live tour and experiential retail launch of music and song to the $60MM Bitty Baby doll line (Property of Mattel)


online FAn Engagement

Fresh concepts and agile scripting upcycle full-length episodes to live stream music and supply retail outlets with original character animation. (Property of Mattel)


Even while driving entertainment, events and experiences at global media and iconic consumer brands, I'm committed to crafting effective brand stories in support of the arts, education and philanthropic causes.

Whatever the challenge, I cultivate like-minded creative talent bent on bringing their own big screen finishes, often against all odds.

Welcome to my online portfolio. Start here.

​​​social MEDIA initiatives

dramatic storytelling

strategic messaging

Recording Mattel's talking toys, promos, trailers and product demos means writing, producing script supervision—even doubling for Barbie on a DVD scratch track.

Open auditions  for the voice of American Girl's Detroit Motown character went viral when Good Morning America picked up the story.. (Property of Mattel)

Shot on location during filming, this vlog and blog, along with Blu-Ray extras profiling the stars, cross-drives online traffic to market the film's release. (Property of Mattel)

Donor solicitation at Madison Symphony Orchestra to fund education and outreach is a story told in the language of music. (Property of MSO)

transmedia narratives