As a struggling writer with a devoted blog following tracking my steep uphill climb through the Hollywood trenches, I refused to ever give up on my own dream.

Nowadays, as an executive, lecturer and dedicated mentor to those showing both promise and determination, I cultivate like-minded creatives bent on bringing their own big screen finishes against all odds.

This College Emmy-winning  doc series, co-created while on faculty at UCLA, features indie filmmakers Morgan Spurlock, Alexander Payne and Francis Ford Coppola.



Incentivizing seasonal sales of dolls and accessories., my original stories and songs populate downloadable American Girl "Scene Sounds." 

Part of a calculated move to work with comedy legends Dabney Coleman, John Astin and Tim Curry, my rookie "Recess" script is structured around its grown-ups.


Recording Mattel's talking toys, promos, trailers and product demos might mean writing, script supervision -- even doubling for Barbie on a DVD scratch track.

Streaming video alongside related copy, "Bringing the Magic Home" advances stories like Belle, Nemo and Peter Pan into the hands of brand-friendly Disney moms.

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interactive media


CONTENT development

Cross-brand CREATIVE

content creator. executive producer. digital innovator.


Co-producing this unresolved love story offers a textbook lesson on cliffhanger endings -- when a possible forthcoming track leaves the fans to wait and wonder...

Among hundreds of student digital shorts I've developed/executive produced, "Julie" follows a lonely part-time professor whose only hope for a date is in traffic court.


youtube channel


narrative short

These imaginative 3-D paper crafts, brainstormed to drive box office for Up, Tangled and Toy Story 3 also spike holiday traffic at Christmas and Halloween.

The mere threat of scripting these personalized webcam visits with an alternate "Naughty" ending inspires multiple attempts to make Santa's coveted "Nice" list.



Synergy-driven online activities, like this theme party and team- produced video marking the studio release of Winnie the Pooh, extend screen franchises into the home.


Creating this entire "For Grown-Ups" launch site calls for innovating hundreds of co-view experiences and at-home ideas celebrating on-screen characters and stories.

that's My STory.

In a surprise twist, my own happily-ever-after-after came with extra cheese in Madison, Wisconsin, where I'm manager of character entertainment

for American


An artist, collector and ballroom dancer, I'm also restoring a 1929 Craftsman bungalow. Whether off perfecting my Viennese waltz or plundering a barn for lost treasure, I'm mostly looking for my next great story to tell.

scripted programming

 Meet A classically-trained storyteller

 crafting measurable multi-media product narratives

across social, digital and entertainment platforms

around iconic characters and brands.

And I'm Sticking To It.

To defy my snobbish cinema studies classmates with the first experimental film to feature an actual story, I take my dogs to the beach with a camera.