iconic character franchises

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Z's stop motion series draws 3 million fans and a live Amazon Kids special. (Property of Mattel)

These Blu-Ray extras starring Olivia Rodrigo are featured in Grace Stirs It Up. (Property of Mattel)

With digital play and experiential events, Lea's adventure resolves on the screen. (Property of Mattel)

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digital first media

​​​cross-channel promotions

American Girl's historical characters star in a digital shorts competition. (Property of Mattel)

These journeys extend from award-winning features onto Youtube short videos. (Property of Amazon) 

Recording Mattel's talking toys, promos, trailers and product demos. (Property of Mattel)

Extending popular screen franchises into the home.   (Property of The Walt Disney Co.)

transmedia storytelling

social media initiatives

dramatic storytelling

classic series & episodes

live action feature specials

story-based how-TO & DIY

This BTS video kicks off a digital album, bringing music and song to  Bitty Baby. (Property of Mattel)

Popular historical characters inspire feature-length adaptations on Amazon Kids. (Property of Mattel)

crowd-sourced content

online fan engagement

The audition for Melody's voice went viral on Good Morning America.. (Property of Mattel)

In my favorite Recess script, the gang learns that Prickley's happy replacement is a terror named Slicer. (Property of ABC/Disney)