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Fresh concepts and agile scripting upcycle full-length episodes to supply web and retail outlets with original animation. (Property of Mattel).

Yielding fresh talent and frenzied interest in  two popular historic characters, this $200K short film competition has netted 3MM-plus YouTube hits. (Property of Mattel).

Capitalizing on intense social media fandom, this stop motion web series draws 3 million-plus views, a books series, an Amazon special and doll. (Property of Mattel). 

and i'm

sticking to it. 

I jettisoned a career as a  successful journalist to start at the bottom of the heap in entertainment. As I engaged with a growing blog following cheering my uphill climb through the trenches, my new  story began writing itself.

​Today, as a development executive of a panoply of original content, I cultivate like-minded creatives bent on bringing their own big screen finishes against all odds.

Bold and irreverent, my Emmy-winning UCTV series on college life features Oscar-winning alumni Francis Ford Coppola and Alexander Payne (Sideways).

Co-producing this unresolved love story offers a textbook lesson on cliffhanger endings—when a possible forthcoming track leaves the fans to wait and wonder...

I've developed hundreds of film student shorts, all on shoestring budgets. In this class send-up, "Julie" actually has a date! With a cop! (A date in court, but still).

satellite TV/direcTV



Part of a calculated move to work with Dabney Coleman, John Astin and Tim Curry, my rookie "Recess" script is structured around its grown-ups. (Property of TWDC).

Recording Mattel's talking toys, promos, trailers and product demos might mean writing, script supervision -- even doubling for Barbie on a DVD scratch track.


Creating this entire "For Grown-Ups"launch site calls for innovating co-view experiences celebrating on-screen characters. (Property of The Walt Disney Co./TWDC).

Intertwining original, licensed and marketing content, a year-long narrative climaxes with a first-time, big screen adventure for our heroine! (Property of Mattel)

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Deep audience engagement

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cable television/disney Junior

crowd sourced initiatives

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that's My STory...

network television/abc

Shot on location during filming, this vlog and blog, along with DVD extras profiling the stars, cross-drives online traffic to market the film's release. (Property of Mattel).

This audition video introduces a Civil Rights-era character who learns that lifting one powerful voice really can make a difference. (Property of Mattel).


Transmedia storyworldS

mfa film, television & digital media

content marketing

A frequent speaker on digital storytelling and audience engagement, ​​​I concept and develop entertaintment, brand and social campaigns, leading both nimbly produced initiatives and multi-million-dollar productions.

My personal brand as a builder of transmedia storyworlds spans virtually every content and product platform imaginable and as yet to be imagined.